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About me


Engineer | Unsolicited Advisor | Food enthusiast | Friendly explorer | Wannabe creator | Disgruntled Typist

Hi, I am Tarun Sehgal. I grew up in Punjab (India) and I currently live and work in the Detroit area. From 9 to 5, I am an automotive engineer and from 5 to 9, I am a cook, (ex)co-founder, a startup advisor, website developer, a wannabe content creator, and an idea curator. I am a husband and a father round the clock.

My earliest memories of cooking are with my grandfather as his 5-year-old sous chef.

In the cold winters of north India, my grandfather and I used to cook eggs on an angeethi(portable earthen grill) in the veranda as meat and eggs we were prohibited in my grandma’s kitchen.

My interest and appreciation for good food come from observing my mom and grandma since they made everything fresh, from scratch, with love. I love hanging out in kitchens, so much so that I moonlighted(unpaid) in Detroit’s one of the best restaurant kitchen for almost a year which helped me learn some skills and stay organized.

I see food as an essential tool and cooking as an important life skill. I believe if you know how to work with people, manage your money, and cook a meal for yourself, you are going to have a pretty decent life. Food is that important.

On my blog, I share a lot of global recipes that I learned from my collaborations with people around the world along with some of my other favorites. My goal is always to show how approachable cooking is once you get interested.