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Ultimate road trip cooking guide

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Quite often I get a hankering to just look for a nice spot on the map, load up our car and drive. Road trips, hikes and camping are not about abstaining from things that bring us pleasure or just spend time in solitude. It is about enjoying things we like but in nature, in more scenic views and a better background track.

Planning for a road trip can is a multi faceted task including looking for a nice destination, packing gear, planning activities and deciding what to eat and where. While this guide will touch upon a variety of aspects of a road trip, our main focus will be, you guessed it, FOOD!

Over the past few years my wife and I have made multiple road trips and travelled tens of thousands of miles by road. We both see benefits of cost and flexibility that driving places brings. Planning, packing and cooking on the road has not always been a smooth ride and after our fair share of mistakes we have developed systems that work really well for us. Overtime we have developed templates for packing, lists of cooking tools and ingredients that I refer to for every trip we make.

This guide is meant to be a compilation of all our lessons learnt to spare you of some anxiety around food so you can start your next journey on the open road with a clear mind. Sign up to receive the guide (this summer) along with a weekly newsletter Simmer that I publish weekly along with my good foodie friend Dhaval Shah.

To make this guide an ultimate tool for planning your roadtrips, it contains:

✅ Checklists so you do not forget anything before hitting the road

💡 Ideas for packing

🥑 Recipes for eating healthy on the road

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🗓 Meal plan

🛒 Grocery list

Who is this guide for

I consider myself a good planner (guilty of over-planning sometimes) and my wife on the other hand is great a getting things done. The same is true at Simmer. I am more of ideation and planning person, Dhaval on the other hand is an Execution Ninja, as I call him.

I live to create to-do lists and project planning documents in excel and Notion. A lot of it is because it brings me joy but if I am completely honest, a lot of it is cover some of my personality flaws. I am extremely forgetful and a bit of scatter brain. At this point my family and close friends know, if they asked me to do something and they did not see me write it in my phone, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN (or I do not intend to do it 😛).

I need to see visually what all needs to be done, when and what is remaining. Now a days we have a million things to do between office, family, friends, projects, planning is not only good to have but a must to maintain quality and sanity. This guide contains a number of essential lists that will come in handy when you are planning, shopping and packing for your next trip.

  • you love to be organized
  • you love travelling but hate planning and packing
  • you love to plan and would like to get ideas for tools
  • you have dietary restrictions and find it hard to find good food when traveling

How and when can you get it?

Dhaval and I are compiling the most useful resources from the web and reviewing our personal notes from various trips over the years to put together this guide. Since we do not want to ship anything we personally won’t use, I plan to put it to test on my upcoming road trip next month and further tweak it upon my return. Our goal is to hit “send” not later than July 2022.

Getting access to the guide is simple, just sign up below to be the first one to receive the guide this summer along with weekly newsletter.

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