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Love thy customer, Jojo style !

This post is purely from a customer’s perspective and that perspective would be mine. Based on a recent experience I had with an online business that moved me so much that I not only praised them in an email (shared below) but I also felt like walking the extra mile – sparing some time and writing a whole post on this experience.Its always good to be nice to your customers.
I think a lot of businesses today have forgotten that. From the Lousy restaurant services, Rude Department Store Clerks and don’t even get me started on the Airline Crews. I am not saying that “customer is always right” is the mantra to a successful business. All I am saying is, a business should listen to their customer and try to accommodate as much as they reasonably can.
A few months ago (before I upgraded to iPhone 6) my wife gifted me a ‘5 lens kit‘ for cell phone cameras, sold by Photojojo. I keep myself fairly updated with the cool techy toys in the market but I had no idea of existence of such a thing until my wife surprised me.


Very recently, after I upgraded to iPhone 6, I realized that I would need a magnetic strip that comes with the kit and needs to be pasted on the phone on which these lenses sit. Of course this realization happened 5 days before my trip to Aspen, Colorado and this would have been a perfect opportunity to try these lenses out. I immediately looked up the customer care number from Photojojo’s website and gave them a call. It was my first experience interacting with these guys. I heard a pleasant female voice asking me what my reason was for making the call. I explained to her my urgency and within minutes, I received a link to purchase a set of strips for a nominal price of $2. After placing my order I sent another email just to reaffirm my situation.
Two days later I received a packet from Photojojo. What confused me was a $6 postage stamp on the packet, the packet for which I paid $2 in total! But instead of two, there was only one strip in the packet. So I emailed Photojojo, to thank them for the fact that I received the packet in time. I couldn’t help but mention that the pack had only one strip when I was supposed to receive two. Like a smartass, I tried to be very crafty in the email and tried to not to sound whiny and thankless. First thing next morning, I received an email from the customer care, acknowledging a possibility of a mistake on their end. They also asked me if I would like them to send another strip. By this time, realizing that they had already gone of their way to accommodate my request, I was feeling guilty to have complained in the first place and felt even worse after I received their email. In this situation, I did what any kind hearted gentleman would do, I ignored their email and moved on with my life.
To my surprise, two weeks later, the ever determined Photojojo sent me another packet and guess what! It had another magnetic strip. I actually sat there and looked at strip for a few minutes, spellbound, just witnessed something totally unexpected. I knew Photojojo was not like just any other company but after this I understood, these guys are weird. I couldn’t resist but send an email (copied below) to the customer service people I had been in touch with. I think they really deserve it. Maybe I am overreacting. Am I ?

“To Jojos, Jenny, Heather, 
So I received my second iphone 6 magnetic strip packet and what can I say. 
I am so furious!!! 
First, you charged me $2 for an item and sent it via $6 shipping (that you 
paid for. You thought I wouldn’t notice?) Why? because I needed the item 
urgently, as I was going on a ski trip to Colorado. I received the item 
well in time. How can you do that !! 
Second, you accidentally sent me only one strip instead of two. I politely 
brought it to your notice and you acknowledged the mistake (Who does that 
!!!). The problem doesn’t end there. 
You have the guts to ask me if I needed another one. I ignored your message 
because I was already annoyed ( 😛 ), considering you went out of the way 
to deliver the item in time. 
But you guys didn’t stop there. I was going through my mail earlier this week 
and guess what I saw!! Another envelope from Photojojo. In my head I was 
thinking, it better not be what I think it is. But what a bummer, it was 
another strip. 
Jokes apart, I understand $2-$4 is not a big deal but I really applaud your 
kind gesture. Also, I do admire your, eager to help, customer care. Your 
staff is truly a Smile Creator. Keep up the good work!! 
Tarun Sehgal  “

In response to my quirky and rather cheesy email, this is what I received back:


“Hiya Tarun!

HAHAH, OMG, it took me a minute to realize you were joking, LOL!! Now I can’t stop laughing!!! I’m definitely sharing this email with the whole CS team, they are all gonna get a kick outta this!! (✿◠‿◠)

Seriously, we are so glad that we could help you out! XOXOXO  
Jenny “

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