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and… its 2015!!!

and its 2015_BWYes, its that time of year. 

Last night we all bid farewell to 2014 and most of us are still recovering from the ceremonies.

An Year’s end is the time when social networks are flooded with critiques. Research says that 67% of the status messages that are posted on Facebook between December 28th to 31st are either remorseful guilt trips, confessions, accomplishments or some sort of text that is a reflection of the user’s actions in the past one year. (BTW these stats are made up, but you get my point, Right?)
Also, start of a new year brings with it an inherent urge to plan and achieve. It brings a state of comfort of starting afresh; a clean slate. People are busy thinking of lists filled with things they would like to get done in the new year to bring their life on track. While most people are driven by strong internal motivation for self improvement but a lot of these resolutions can be a mere product of peer pressure.
Well, Here is my list "</p:
  •  Live with Ash and Cash
  •  Gym & Diet – 15Lbs (or at least, be active!!!)
  •  Set a budget  & not to mention, Invest
  •  Euro Trip
  •  Read a book a month
  •  Go Artsy!!! (Click one good pic for each month and start sketching again)
  •  Bring out the Foodie (Cook and share (brag) a weekly dish)
  •  Skydive

Well I am not sure if I will call all the above my resolutions but rather a task list. Things that I have had on my mind for a while but have been shelved due to lack of motivation. Some of these things have also been victims of my struggle to maintain a fair work-life balance (who doesn’t). Some, not to mention, good ol’ procrastination.

Through this blog, I intend to share my journey of how I attempt to make my life more interesting in this year. I have no plans to ask for donation to fund my Euro trip or anything like that.. or do I ? Ok.. Seriously, I would like to share my progress, steps I take to stay on track, where I find my motivation, my lessons learnt in this whole experience.

Also, please be my guest to share your task list and things you do to keep yourself motivated in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “and… its 2015!!!”

    1. Good stuff. Im trying my best to stick to my resolutions too.
      1.> Quit smoking … For real this time 🙂 its been 35 days since i have smoked one & no cravings what so ever.
      2.> Get fit …. Been going to Gym atleast 2-3 a week. Need to make that shit daily though.
      3.> Record some music … working on it 🙂
      4.> Learn new tools ,languages e.t.c
      5.> See places

      Lets do this shit….

  1. I really like the idea of your blog..
    as we spoke over it , I would love to read your opinions and ur thoughts over recent stuff going on…it would be really cool to read your analysis of anything…or maybe any random topic for that matter , for eg. Your favorite sports person, or a travel which has left a mark on your memory, something like that…

    Hoping to read more…

    Good work..

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