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Plan, Not Over Plan


So far, its been a good start to the new year. After a great vacation, I am back to the Motor City, fresh and ready for 2015.

Like a million others, I successfully managed to enrol for a gym membership within the first three days of the year – My first success of the year. I set up an automatic monthly payment, payable to a Local Gym in my area. Is it the first time I have achieved this honour? Absolutely not! I have been a dormant member for the past 8 months paying some minimum amount just to be able to retain my membership (Yeah, like they would ever say no to have me back). This time it was just a matter of going there and reactivating my membership. What an achievement, right?

Is this time going to be the same as last time ? I hope not! Well, what is different this time, you may ask. Is my only answer to this question going to be “ummm, this time I have a blog and I am making my progress public?” Maybe not. Rather, I hope not. As far as working out is concerned, my plan is not to over plan.

Yes – I know it. I know the the exact recipe, ingredient by ingredient, to lose the motivation for fitness. I know it because I have cooked it so many times before. I don’t claim success this time. Its too soon to tell. But at least I do not want to make daily workout, a chore for myself. My goal for now is to just show up at the gym and do some activity, at least four times a week. It is almost end of first month and I am proud to say, that it has been good so far. I also try to complement gym with a healthy diet. Most working days, I pack my lunch from home. In order to make it a better possibility, I try to make something as simple as a sandwich.

Apart from gym and diet, I am also trying to implement the “Plan… Not Over Plan” moto to other aspects of my life. For instance, money management. I had been planning to save some money for a vacation in 2015 for the past few months. I wanted to start a savings account – a dedicated vacation fund. But It never happened because I complicated it by adding limits and conditions from the beginning. Starting this year I applied “Plan.. Not Over Plan” approach by just sending a fixed percent of my paycheck to an old account that I was not using for a while. It worked! I saved that money because I never saw it in the first place. Simple!



3 thoughts on “Plan, Not Over Plan”

  1. Good to hear that you’re keeping up with the gym activity! Not so easy to maintain it as a habit.

    Keeping things simple seems like a good plan. But not an over-plan. Follow through with the simple plans and you’ll be all set!

    Good luck man.

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