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Revival of the leftover Khichdi

Khichdi is one of those baselines, under-appreciated dishes in India. It is ubiquitous in every subculture and every state in India has its own version depending on the locally available ingredients. Generally, it has a soupy consistency, with some lentil and rice, slow-cooked with spices and topped with Ghee.

If you are from the subcontinent, you were most likely served this when you were sick. So powerful that Khichdi can often be seen on Doctor’s prescriptions as it is light and packed with nutrition. Compare it with chicken dumpling soup in the west(but only more flavorful 😉). 

Many people associate Khichdi with sickness as it is mostly served if you are unwell as it is light on your tummy and grow aversion to this humble recipe. But not our family! My wife and I have grown a strange fondness for Khichdi in the last couple of years. We do 2 parts lentils and 1 part rice (and other good stuff) throw it in the InstantPot for two minutes and wallah, dinner is ready! There was a time when we were doing these three nights a week for two months straight. 

Many times, we end up with leftovers. Unfortunately, unlike Ma Ki Dal, Punjabi Khichdi doesn’t taste that great the next day unless you reheat it and tamper it again. The next day Khichdi turns into a gelatinous mass because of the starch from rice (and honestly looks unappealing). 

I came across this method of repurposing the leftover Khichdi the next day on RanveerBrar’s channel that can turn the leftover Khichdi into a filling breakfast or a tasty snack. 

To make these pancakes(?), just mix that Khichdi, some chopped onion, something for binding (rice flour, potato starch, or whatever you fancy) and some spices and prepare it like a tortilla or Makki di Roti. I use my Magic Spice(family recipe) which makes it taste the next level! Use some oil or ghee for cooking, works well in a heavy skillet as it makes the outside crispy and inside is soft and gooey. 

Ever since I came across this method, we just started cooking some extra Khichdi, hoping to have leftovers for these pancakes. If you have some magic tricks that you do to your leftover’s I want to hear about it.

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